Restoritive Yoga

Restorative Yoga Kiev at Padme Hum

Restorative Yoga is a gentle form yoga, focus is on just as its title suggests, restoring the body mind and soul through stillness. Restorative yoga is therapeutic and relaxing, a number of props are used to assist with the poses with emphasis on centring the mind and body. The props are used to assist in holding the poses for extended periods of time, belts, blocks, bolsters and blankets will be available, the lights may be dimmed and there could be gentle music playing relaxation.

This yoga can be a challenge for individuals who find stillness difficult, with its meditative approach the focus is based on the breath, peace and serenity is the desired outcome, this style of yoga can compliment those with a busy schedule in need of deep relaxation. Restorative yoga Kiev will leave you feeling relaxed, open and refreshed.

Restorative Yoga Kiev Ukraine

Some of the benefits include….

Enhances flexibility as with all yoga, however the emphasis is on passive stretching and staying in the poses for extended periods of time with aid of the props.

  • Balance the nervous system by promoting optimum energy flow to the organs, tissue renewal and reduces the flight or fight mode, allows for total rejuvenation restoring the body’s natural energy flow.
  • Calms the mind, once settled into the pose the focus is on the breath and stillness of mind and body. Enhances meditative states, this may take patience at first but with time and patience serenity follows.
  • Promotes weight loss – relaxation can reduce cortisol levels resulting in reduction in stored fat. Higher levels of cortisol can be linked to increase abdominal fat.
  • Recovery from illness, you may be recovering from a broken bone, mind or emotional difficulties or have a Chronic illness, restorative yoga Kiev allows you too work within your own body capabilities and benefit from yoga’s healing properties.

Restorative yoga Kiev can bring up emotions, some people may feel vulnerable or experience anxiety, it’s all part of the process of learning too let go …. Works body mind and nourish’ the soul…

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