Power Yoga

Power Yoga Kiev at Padme Hum

A pupil of Pattabhi, Brian West (b.1966, USA) made the name ‘ Power Yoga’ famous. The style aims for acceptance of ones self with challenging asana practice, however, has less focus on the spiritual aspect and more on the pupil reaching his full potential through asana.

You are taught to listen too your body and inner teacher and not cross this to achieve optimum health benefits for body spirit and soul.

Power Yoga Kiev is based on the tradition Ashtanga style, it does not follow the same sequence of poses like Ashtanga, the sequence varies depending on the teacher. Isometric movements work every muscle in the body, raises the body’s metabolism resulting in potential weight loss and sweating out the build up of toxins in the body, try jumping in our herbal steam room after a session to release these toxins at our yoga centre Kiev

Some of the benefits –

  • Increases stamina, strength and flexibility
  • Eliminates toxins
  • improves posture & improves back pain
  • strengthens bones
  • Promotes weight loss

Yoga benefits for the mind Reduces stress and improves mood

  • Improves self image and confidence
  • Promotes better quality of sleep
  • Improves concentration and memory

Power yoga Kiev classes are challenging but rewarding and will increase strength, flexibility and a clearer mind. The classes are varied depending on the teacher. Suitable for all levels from beginners to the more athletic type. Power yoga will provide a total body workout, invigorating it will increase your energy levels, resulting in a healthier positive mind set and strong beautiful body. so come and see us at Padme Hum power yoga Kiev.

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