Padme Hum Kiev Pilates

Padme Hum Kiev Pilates

Pilates has been rocking the fitness world for years, but for those still uninitiated, pilates is a physical fitness practice that is aimed at strengthening the body, improving flexibility and endurance. It was devised in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates, who sought to improve health and wellness through what he called a series of controlled movements. These movements eventually developed into what we practice today. Our instructors at pilates Kiev based, will help you with all the fitness goals you aim to hit.

Low impact and gentle

Pilates is a low-impact exercise. That means no repeated slamming of your feet into the ground like jogging or harsh accidental injuries in sports like rugby. This is especially perfect for people who are newer to exercise or for those who have problems with their joints or weight. But don’t be fooled- just because pilates is low-impact doesn’t mean that it won’t take you through your paces. Be prepared to work hard!

Relieve back pain and build abs

Because pilates emphasises on core exercises so much, it’s great for people who experience back pain or those who want to build up core strength- which is vital for many daily functions and other exercises like dance. A strong core helps ensure general health and aids in balance. Try out moves at Kiev pilates like the famous Hundred, or work it out with pilates-style leg stretches which works your abdomen more than you would think!

Boost your strength and endurance

It’s not just about the core though. As pilates is a whole-body exercise, it also helps build muscle and form all over the body. You can expect to build long, lean muscles that aren’t just for show, and that will help you reach the level of fitness you desire. Sustained, controlled movement means that you will build up endurance as you practice and hold positions for longer stretches of time. The emphasis on symmetry also means you won’t encounter problems such as the infamous tennis arm- where your dominant arm becomes a lot bigger with muscle than your other one.

Improve balance and flexibility

Aside from building muscle and strength, pilates also helps with flexibility. In recent years, flexibility has become more and more important as an indicator of general health. Kiev pilates classes will help you with deep stretches that are designed to keep you from becoming stiff and achy. This in turn also helps with balance- a plus point especially for those who are getting older and fear falls and uneven terrain.

Take away stress from your life

Pilates classes tend to take about 45 minutes to an hour. In this hour, our Kiev pilates class will take you through meditation-like deep breathing exercises and keep you working hard enough that all thoughts of any daily problems will be left outside at the door! The lack of distraction and the endorphins from exercising will absolutely melt the tensions from you and leave you more prepared to tackle life as it comes. Studies show that meditative periods go a long way in managing mental stress and personal health.

Classes for everyone

So who are Kiev pilates classes meant for? With its low impact yet intense system, the simple answer is: almost everyone. For children, pilates helps to build discipline and teaches them to slow down while making sure they have the basis for a healthy, fit life. Adults will find great benefits in becoming or remaining fit, as they will no doubt feel improvements in their stress levels with regular exercises. For women, there are also female-only classes for those who prefer a more closed environment.

For pilates classes Kiev residents will love, book through Padme Hum today to experience how our classes can help you with your fitness goals.

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