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Padme Hum Kiev Zumba Classes

Sometimes exercise seems like a chore, something that you dread doing even though you know you need some activity in your lives. But not all exercise needs to be a pain in the neck- dance-exercise hybrids like Zumba are perfect for those of you who want to keep fit and have fun at the same time!
Zumba first started in the 90s by accident- when dance instructor Alberto Perez forgot his regular music for his aerobics class. Instead, he pulled Latin tunes along the lines of salsa and merengue, and the class loved it so much that he continued the practice. Today, Zumba is a worldwide phenomenon and is expanding from its Latin music roots to include swing dance, belly dance and bhangra, amid other influences.

No previous experience required

Zumba is great for beginners to exercise and getting fit. These Zumba classes Kiev residents love, take you from your first steps to swinging it out expertly; the steps aren’t complicated and are designed to get you moving to the beat. Even if you miss something here and there, don’t worry about it! As long as you’re dancing and enjoying yourself while working up a sweat, you’re doing well with Zumba.

Get fit with cardio

With so much dancing, cardio is of course a focus for students of Zumba. While lifting weights or strengthening yourself with push-ups are important too, cardio is a major component of your general fitness and health. It builds up your endurance and keeps your heart and lungs in tip-top shape.

Zap the calories

Another benefit of cardio is of course how many calories you can burn with it! An intense session of Zumba can zap anywhere from 350 to 650 calories, depending on your weight and initial fitness level.

Build those muscles

While Zumba doesn’t focus on upper body strength so much (unless you take a class that uses weights as part of its training), it certainly makes up for it with all the work you’ll need to do with your hips and legs. The exhilarating but intense workouts get you to jump, swing and slide, giving you the ultimate build-up for sexy legs.

Party and let loose

Among other things, Latin-inspired dance moves tap into your sense of fun and sensuality. What can be more enjoyable than grooving to the beat and soaking in the music? Learning to dance also improves your coordination, for those of you who’ve always felt you have two left feet. Our Kiev Zumba classes will definitely give you an edge up on the dance floor when you make it to the club this weekend.

Make friends and socialise

Zumba classes are friendly and relaxing, creating the perfect atmosphere for those looking to get fit and make friends at the same time. You’ll get to meet similarly fun-loving people, who are interested in dance and fitness as you are. What’s more, the music and endorphins make for an awesome way to relieve stress and fatigue.

Suitable for everyone

Our classes provide the most versatile Zumba Kiev has to offer, meaning there’s something for everyone. There is a mixed class for anyone who wishes to join, and Padme Hum Kiev also offers women’s’ only classes. For the children, there are even special classes tailored just for them so they don’t have to feel too lost in a sea of adults. Regardless of level, we have certified teachers who can help you start dancing in no time!

If you’re looking for some fun to go along with your weekly exercise, Zumba is likely to be a great fit for you. Check it out and book a time with Padme Hum’s Kiev Zumba classes today.

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