Kids Yoga

kids Yoga Kiev at Padme Hum

Kids yoga at Padme Hum is accessible yoga for the whole family. Yoga can benefit children in many ways’ it’s creative and explorative as well as the mind body awareness and connection it can increase concentration and above all its fun …

Kids Yoga Kiev

kids yoga Kiev benefits,

Improves flexibility – each pose will be a challenge allowing the child to explore the body’s capability and how it functions, will also build strength holding poses.

  • Develop mind body connection, concentration and focus, moving in and out of poses and holding balance will challenge and focus the mind.
  • Builds self esteem and confidence, the teacher provides guidance, however it’s the child that is required to put in the effort. Practise will develop patience and once a pose is mastered in will increase confidence and build self esteem.
    Co-ordination and balance.
  • Children are encouraged to have fun, be vocal during a class and express their emotions physically. Through creative visualisation technique and self expression this is sure to be a fun learning experience. The class is inclusive too all, with no requirement to be physical fit or have good hand eye coordination here at our kids yoga centre CKiev…

Parents are welcome to join in, its a great experience that can benefit the whole family and be practiced anywhere at any time, come see us at kids yoga Kiev …..

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