Begginers Yoga

At Padme Hum Begginers Yoga we run a six week yoga courses as an introduction for individuals starting their yoga journey. We aim too teach you the fundamentals and basic principles of how too prepare your body for yoga and meditation practice, Basic asana ( postures ) pranayama techniques ( breathing ) and meditation. With focus on correct alignment to ensure safe and effective practice, so you can explore and join other classes with confidence and ease, the possibilities are endless..

We will teach Hatha yoga as this is basis of all physical yoga, the main aim is to practice postures, yogic breathing techniques ( pranayama ) to move prana ( energy ) throughout the body. You will learn some basic yoga philosophy and how to incorporate yoga into your daily life on and of the mat.

Yoga has so many benefits and is inclusive too all, you will find your physical strength flexibility and balance will increase, your mental focus and concentration will improve and your energy will flow even at beginners yoga stage.

You will sleep better, feel rejuvenated and you will find an inner calm. Yoga works to massage the deep internal organs, yoga works the central nervous system, digestive and circulatory system. Will boost your immune system helping to promote overall health and well being… The list go on …..

Yogic breathing is an essential part of your practice, you will learn techniques and how too breath correctly, how too sync breath with movement too deepen your practice . Our breath can be influenced by our lifestyle, stress levels and moods, causing uneven shallow breathing resulting in restricted breathing patterns and disease. Learning too breath correctly will restore calm throughout your mind and body and nourish every single organ and cell. Never underestimate the power of the breath, it will keep you present, focused and take your practice too the next level.

Relaxation and meditation will be taught and practiced throughout each class. Often people find it hard too put aside time in their daily schedule, however, it is crucial to health and well being. When we practise mental and physical exercise our body’s release hormones to give us energy, known as cortisol and adrenaline. Too much of these hormones can cause stress related illness, sleep difficulties and other complications. Learning relaxation will help promote recovery and overall rejuvenation and wellness.

You will learn too work with your mind & body within your own capability’s at beginners yoga. We are all unique individuals and yoga helps us too embraces this, it is non competitive and non judgemental, inclusive too all universal beings….

If you would like any further information on the course or any of our classes then please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you…….

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