Beach Yoga

Park & Beach Yoga Kiev at Padme Hum

Park & Beach Yoga Kiev. You’re probably used to practising yoga classes in the studio but why not mix it up and take your Mat to the beach or the park with us. The the park or the beach right on the river in kiev is a place for relaxation and rejuvenation, with scenic views and the sound of the water or the birds in the park  yoga Kiev is sure to be an energising experience.

There are many benefits of taking your yoga too the park or beach here in yoga Kiev…..

  • Additional Strength & flexibility – the uneven surface will enhance and take your practise to another level, both mentally and physically. Building secondary muscles you never knew you had, making adjustments to hold poses, park & beach yoga will challenge your balance, stability and metal focus making muscles work harder.
  • Yoga breath – practising outdoors with the natural breeze will deepen your breathing. You will get more oxygen pumping around the body boosting the immune system and metabolism.
  • Sunshine – the warmth of the beautiful sun will relax the muscles making them more pliable, allowing you to deepen your poses. The body produces vitamin D when exposed too sunlight, many people are deficient in vitamin D, this can lead to health complications.
  • Relaxation – Finish your class with savasana / meditation in the natural environment. Stay present, take in the beautiful sounds of nature the sea breeze, natural sensations, feel refreshed and energised to go about your day,

You will need to prepare yourself for outdoor sessions, sunscreen, non sticky yoga mat, water too re- hydrate. Be inspired, feel free be close to nature with park or beach yoga Kiev  Padme Hum……

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