Meditation Kiev at Padme Hum

Meditation, known as active relaxation is a invaluable technique that is inclusive and beneficial too all. The benefits are extensive and all you require is an open mind and we’re sure you’ll reap the rewards from this beautiful experience of personal growth.

At Padme Hum yoga we host a variety of meditation classes, although meditation can be done at home or in fact anywhere it is beneficial to learn the correct techniques from a qualified instructor. We demonstrate ways to prepare your body and relax the mind prior too starting the meditation.


Meditation is an amazing technique that will promote peace, inner calm and help you find space in a head which for most is full of clutter. It can be an invaluable tool for individuals experiencing depression and many other illness’s. Promotes mental focus, concentration, memory, ability to manage pain, can improve psychological physical and emotional health and well being.

There are a number of different classes available at Padme Hum Meditation Kiev yoga….

Buddhist meditation group Kiev – twice monthly

Guided meditation Kiev- weekly session

Creative meditation Kiev – weekly session

Yoga Nidra Kiev  – weekly sessions

For more information on the above classes, please read the dedicated pages or contact us for further information and too book your spot. The first session is free of charge, we look forward. Too hearing from you………

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