Herbal Steam

Herbal Steam Baths Kiev

Herbal steam baths are an old tradition in several parts of the world, used by many to rejuvenate and relax after a hard day’s work. Different herbs are used for their individual properties, steamed to release their essences to impart various benefits – like decongestant for those coming down with the flu, or opening of the pores for skin clarity.

By having a session of Thai Herbal Steam, Kiev residents can benefit from:
-Removal of toxins from the body
-Aid in weight loss and reduction in cellulite
-Reduction of stress
-Boosting of immune system
-Relief of various respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis and allergies
-Enhancement of blood circulation
-Improvement in skin conditions such as acne, eczema and psoriasis
-Relaxation of muscle tension and relief in stiff joints

Weight loss Kiev and maintenance

Weight can be a difficult thing to manage, especially for those of us who have busy or stressful schedules. Kill two birds with one stone by stepping into a herbal steam bath, which helps weight loss speed along while totally relaxing you! One session of a Thai herbal steam bath can zap up to 600 calories – equal to a half an hour rowing workout.

Respiratory ailments

Herbal steams are especially great for relief of symptoms and problems with respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis or sinusities, or even for most common allergies. The hot steam raises moisture levels in your respiratory system, loosening mucus and removing allergens from your system. After having one of our Ayurvedic herbal steam baths, Kiev guests who suffer from these ailments feel more relaxed and are able to breathe more easily.

Healthy skin

Remove the grime of a long day with a rejuvenating herbal steam bath. The heat opens up your pores, while sweating takes the grime away, allowing your skin to breathe again. Steaming helps blood circulation too, giving you a glowing, rosy visage.

Relief of pain

When you step into a herbal steam bath, the heat relieves muscle aches and tension, and also helps blood vessels to expand, allowing them to bring increased blood flow and circulation to your injured areas, thus enabling quicker healing. Ayurvedic herbal steam baths are a fantastic method of managing pain relief and helping you lead a more comfortable, active life.

Boost your immune system

During a herbal steam bath, the higher body temperature revs up the immune system while slowing or even stopping the growth of bacteria and viruses. The production of white blood cells, anti-bodies and interferon (an anti-viral protein) increases.

Enhance circulation

Herbal steam baths offer many cardiovascular benefits without raising your pulse rate the way intense exercise might. It helps blood vessels expand and improve circulation. This increase in blood flow means that more nutrients are carried to the skin’s surface, enabling your skin to achieve a healthier glow. Cellulite is also more easily treated by our Kiev herbal steam baths as it takes a shorter time to hit higher tissue temperatures.

Relax and unwind

In our hectic world, isn’t it difficult to find a quiet place to recharge? This is where herbal steam baths can help. Just as with a regular hot bath, the warmth of a herbal steam bath can invoke a mellower mood, while the fragrance of the herbs provides a pleasant atmosphere as you sit and relax in a meditative environment.

At Padme Hum Kiev Yoga’s herbal steam baths, we offer a sensational soothing and relaxing experience. With so many benefits to these herbal steam baths, why not give it a go? Book a treatment slot with us today.

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