Higher Consciousness Counselling

Spiritual Counselling Kiev

At Padme Hum we don’t just focus on the physical. We recognise that people are complex and working the physical  alone is often only half the battle. We also look at people’s emotional, psychological and spiritual needs, in order that when people leave they leave healthier on all levels, and stay that way. the infinite possibilities part of looking at people’s well-being and we offer a wide range of enhancing awareness services. One of theses kinds  at padme Hum is Spiritual Counselling.

Spiritual counselling at Padme Hum is actually nothing really to do with religion. People coming to us will have had large parts of their lives and time taken up with stress, depression, trauma, addiction, compulsions, disorders and simply life at times, and when they start to get better can actually find themselves feeling a little lost without this focus to their life. This is where we can help with Spiritual Counselling.

We look at ways of rebuilding your spirit, making sense of your life and gaining some enlightenment. In some ways it is similar to Life Purpose Counselling Kiev. This is all carried out by a trained and experienced counsellor who is motivated to getting you back on track and helping you to stay that way. In the safe and secure environment of our centre in Kiev you can be sure of friendly and reassuring members of staff and a relaxing atmosphere.

Spiritual counselling Kiev isn’t the only kind of counselling that we offer. We can use a number of different kinds of counselling including group therapy, one to one counselling sessions, marriage and family therapy and life purpose counselling Kiev. These can, either independently or in combination, get you talking about how to get yourself on the track to happiness.

In addition to counselling Kiev there are also a number of alternative therapies available to you, and they can work alongside counselling and organic interventions and treatments. Complementary and alternative therapies that we offer range from art therapy and equine therapy to acupuncture and meditation. We also suggest activities such as Yoga and Tai Chi for general health and relaxation, as well as nutritional advice and Kiev counselling to facilitate your overall good health.

For more information on the kinds of counselling including Spiritual Counselling Kiev we have at Padme Hum Centre, get in touch, and we can explain why we know spiritual guidance is important to your well-being.

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