Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a way of judging a person’s ability to manage their emotions and recognise and respond to the emotions of others.

Emotional intelligence means the capability to identify and understand your emotions and confidently respond to them by communicating effectively, showing empathy and resolving conflicts. It also refers to the ability to relate to the emotional state of others. Emotional intelligence doesn’t necessarily involve using words — it can be a non-verbal thinking pattern which is able to affect how well a person communicates.

What we can take from these definitions is that we can interact in a more positive way with people in our environment thanks to the skill set provided by emotional intelligence. It all goes towards making a contribution to our successes, both professionally and personally — some argue it is even more important than IQ.

Among these skills and capabilities are:

– Being able to negotiate
– Having empathy
– Being aware of oneself
– Dealing with change
– Self-control
– Resolving conflicts
– Motivating oneself

Emotional intelligence: Why it matters

Emotional intelligence can impact on the way we live our life – from the things we do to the things we say.

Having talent and pedigree — whether that is good exam results, a lot of job experience, or simply a high IQ, is not always enough to achieve what you want in life. Emotional intelligence is often what separates successful people from the rest, as they are aware of the best way to interact with others.

Because we are intrinsically social, the way in which we start relationships and nurture them over a long period of time can be a key factor in success. While you might have all the right skills, how can you truly succeed if you cannot work side by side with people?

We believe emotional intelligence matters, and here are a few reasons why:

1. It can build self-esteem and assertiveness

2. It allows us to deal with pressurised situations

Emotional intelligence gives us the awareness to handle stressful scenarios and understand the emotions which accompany them, ensuring that we can respond to them in the right way.

3. It enables us to adjust to changes more effectively

In the modern day working environment, change is a fact of life. And so being able to deal with it well can be crucial to professional success.

4. It helps us to communicate better with others

5. It makes us better leaders

6. It assists us in forming relationships, as well as nurturing them over a long period of time, contributing to personal and professional success.

If you want people to enjoy their time with you, understanding and acting upon their emotions can be vital to forming a lasting bond. Remember that you have the capability to affect the emotions of others, as well as manage your own behaviour in response to these emotions.

You can generate your own emotional intelligence

So now we understand the importance of emotional intelligence, how can we go about building it? Emotional intelligence can certainly be developed by those who are not blessed with as much emotional intelligence as others. We are experts in providing practice sessions which allow emotional intelligence to be developed.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to emotional intelligence, and we are able to make emotional intelligence part of our everyday interactions. Once emotional intelligence becomes something which comes naturally to you, thanks to the sessions we provide, it will become a positive habit which you don’t even need to think about, rather than something forced. Here we provide the guidance and support you need to embrace and develop emotional intelligence.

Empathy plays a huge part in emotional intelligence – showing that you can see the world from someone else’s perspective demonstrates that you are an aware individual. We can offer all the information you need – in the form of books and digital pieces – as well as sessions which are designed to nurture the development of soft emotional intelligence skills.

For the most effective emotional intelligence classes Kiev has to offer, contact us today on +380 (97) 248 1674.

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