Chinese Cupping

Chinese cupping is a traditional ancient alternative medicine dating back to ancient Egyptian times, Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures. The cups can be made of various materials, glass, earthenware or bamboo. The cups are placed on the skin to create a suction effect.

It is said to be complimented by also acupuncture or other medications. At Padme Hum we use dry cupping method. A flammable liquid is place in the cup the fire is put out and applied to the skin. As the cup cools on the skin it creates a vacuum. The cups can be left in place for up too 10 minutes. It’s said to promote blood circulation and flow to the infected area, aiding healing. It can be useful in treating cervical spondylitis, facial paralysis , shingles and aches amongst many other stress related issues. The suction acts like a massage, reducing pain and promoting healing and relaxation.

It circulates blood throughout the body and is said to improve Chi flow.  Can help with respiratory disease such as bronchitis, pneumonia and colds and flu. It relieves pain, tension, stress and anxiety, back problems and illness throughout the body.

Cupping may cause redness and slight bruising too the skin, however this will not take long to disappear. The treatment may then be applied again. The treatment may vary dependant on the condition, mainly applied to the back or fleshy areas of skin.

You may feel slight discomfort dependant on the intensity of the problem. However, many do not feel anything but therapeutic release of tension and relaxation.

May not be suitable for those on waferin or steroids, people who bleed or bruise easily. Pregnant women should be cautious and cups should not be placed on stomach or lower back.

Definitely a healing treatment to be tried as a stand alone treatment or alongside acupuncture, holistic heaven for sure …

An assessment will be completed prior to first treatment, should you require any further advice or information the please call or email and I will be happy to answer any questions or queries….

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