Ayurveda Kiev

At Padme Hum we focus on healing and overall health through nutrition and mind body therapies for total mind body wellness and optimum health

We offer testing to see what is happening at cellular level and assess any body system that may weak and in need of repair. A full nutritional consultation will be completed, healthy immune boosting herbal supplements and herbal medicines will be discussed alongside a nutritional plan.

Individuals experiencing any illnesses or perhaps addiction and/or depressive disorders often experience malnutrition as a result of poor eating habits. It is vital to eat a nutritious diet to maintain optimum health. Deficiencies in a variety of important nutrients or biochemical imbalances can lead to many illnesses, depleted or imbalanced neurotransmitters in the brain causing a variety of psychological and physiological disorders. Identifying and correcting these imbalances and deficiencies is vital and essential to healing and maintain long lasting health or promote recovery.

Food effect’s moods and overall health, in order to balance the body mind and soul it is necessary to receive a balanced supply of nutrients.

Healthy food choices, exercise and relaxation is optimum to sustaining long lasting health or promote recovery from illness. Regular exercise helps the body to effectively process the nutrients we eat, also releases natural endorphins resulting in that ‘ feel good factor’ promoting positivity and improved overall health and well being.

Our nutritional Ayurveda Kiev therapist will complete a full assessment and make dietary and lifestyle recommendations to alleviate and prevent ailments, illness and restore balance.

Nutritional therapy can be used for people with chronic health conditions or those who want to improve their general health and lifestyle. It is classed as a complementary medicine and may be used alongside conventional treatment.

One-to-one confidential consultations, initially of about 60 to 90 minutes, to assess the client’s current health problems, medical and family history, diet and lifestyle; running shorter follow-up review sessions depending on the out come of assessment.

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