Info on Detox and Fasting
Why Fasting?

Fasting has been essential to religion and spirituality since ancient times. Jesus, Moses, Mohammed and the Buddha all fasted at various points in their lives, based on their recognition of the body as the “temple of our consciousness”. For this historical basis, and the healing characteristics of the process, fasting is a popular and renowned way to improve oneself, take stock of the world and generally rejuvenate. The popularity of fasting Kiev and worldwide, is due to its positive benefits.

The reason for fasting’s positive detoxifying effects is preparation, the body needs to ready itself in order to sustain different spiritual experiences. Lower vibrations need to be traded with light alternatives, as does dense matter need to be substituted for light. Maintenance of our cosmic energy — prana, in Hindu thought — is of the utmost importance.

Because fasting is healing. When eating stops, our body detoxes; our cells release toxic material to be removed by our liver, lungs, kidneys, skin and lymphatic system.

After this, fasting goes deeper into detoxifying your body. The first cycle of fasting is skipping a single meal. You’ll notice that ‘hunger’ occurs after 4 hours, which then gets later and later: 9, 18, 36, 3 days, 1 week, 3 weeks and six weeks. The body adapts itself as you progress with your fasting.

Long-term fasters, such as liquidarians and breatharians, show that hunger is an emotional rather than physical state as it can be bypassed intentionally.

The 36 hour point after which the cellular detoxification takes place and the lymphatic system starts removing a large amount of toxins is particularly noteworthy. And after just 7 days, the bloodstream is cleansed.

“For the last twenty years, my work has involved helping people to overcome illness, disability and disease. It is very clear that bowel management can have a significant impact on people’s health — and good bowel management can help to rectify these problems”.

Why Cleansing?

A cleansing program helps us to recognise how our choices affect our life, and to take responsibility. Cleansing is not designed to remove toxicity, it rectifies issues of the spirit, as well as the physical self.

Until we feel at peace with ourselves — how we act, think and feel — we are denying a part of ourselves which will never leave.

Once we recognise the parts of ourselves that we have utilised in the past, we can bring them into the present — and move our existence into a lighter sphere.

Recognition of our full selves is very important — denying our full selves is similarly irresponsible. Denying a part of our consciousness that needs to be accepted, and thanked, is contradictory to living a full, happy life. Our gratitude will lead our bodies and minds to the light.

Toxic energy doesn’t ever leave us — it merely accumulates. However, this energy can transform into a lighter form that is more useful to us, and our needs.

The toxic accumulation, along with any physical or emotional issues, are quite simply our choices. Our deep consciousness chooses to acknowledge toxicity when it doesn’t perceive natural harmony. This is then projected, and our physical selves recognises the imbalance.

When our mind ignores the signs of natural harmony, our consciousness persists in attempting to heal the imbalance — knocking ever harder at the doors of our psyche. This is no threat, merely our consciousness asking for us to cooperate and heal our wounds. All we need to do to avoid this, is recognise the signs.

We need to recognise that consciousness is borne of wisdom and love, and is deposited across our body. Cleansing helps us to come to terms with the trials our body and minds goes through, and appreciate the natural laws that govern each and every one of us.

Our bodies, minds and sense of spirituality has endured years of ridicule, and is faced with extreme arrogance and negligence. By respecting the natural laws, we can reverse this negative cycle and become our full selves again — giving thanks for every facet of our body, even including our waste.

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